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Boost your results with Mocion! We transform your strategies with real-time metrics and precise segmentation. Our real-time data drives engagement for personalized and powerful experiences.

We deeply value the importance of data in maximizing engagement. For this reason,We've integrated cutting-edge metrics and segmentation tools into our experiences. We perform real-time analysis to identify patterns and cross insights, while obtaining accurate measurements of engagement, demographics, and audience preferences. This data feeds our strategy in real time, allowing us to personalize each user's journey accurately and efficiently.

Our approach results in customized content, carefully designed to exceed all expectations and take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Set up the camera

Connect to

How does it work?

Dashboard to see different metrics

Analyze your audience, improve processes and experiences


Provide the tools to predict the behavior of your audiences


It is the only AI platform focused on events and marketing, which brings together data capture, data segmentation and content service in real time.


Conteo Personas

Metrics in a certain time frame. 

We calculate:    

• People entering the event

• People leaving the event

• Number of people in a given area

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